The Han Jan Ran Show


The HanJanRan Show is an invitation for listeners to find that which engages them, empowers them and enlightens them.

On the show I interview guests about a time where they were brave and audacious, when they defied what was expected of them and great things either did or didn’t happen but they learned wonderful ways to be more authentic, make bigger waves and it helped them to obtain that radical self-acceptance that we all want.

This is the lockdown version of sitting round a campfire, sharing wisdom and connecting.

So many of us are stumbling through life, disengaged, disingenuous and uninspired. we are afraid to be loud for fear of being called “too much.” This shame and fear based plague is preventing our creativity and change making. Fear drives discrimination and self-hatred and stops us from pursuing that which we believe will truly fulfil us. and it’s not a whole lot of f***ing fun!

Fear not comrades! For empathy is the antidote to shame. By sharing stories we can unite through compassion. by building connection we increase our ability to be empathetic to others and, in turn, ourselves. We are then able to build self-esteem, prioritise further social engagement and have the courage to give it a go!

So come, plug in, get inspired and meet my incredible guests.

My guests will be:
thought leaders
advocates & activists
brave change makers
radical self-accepters
change drivers and
experts in their field

And join in the conversation. Jump on @hanjanran or email me at

Talk to you soon!

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