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007: Paige Aubort carved out space for women in a male dominated industry to empower and educate The Han Jan Ran Show

Dear friends, welcome to the show, Paige, who is the gift that keeps on giving. This is an insightful conversation that by the end had us both contemplating a lot within our own lives. Paige Aubort is somewhat of a sensation in the Australian hospitality industry. Not only has she overcome personal battles to achieve the accolades and success Paige has enjoyed but she turned her anxiety into fuel for her creative vision. This eventuated in her founding a non-for-profit organisation called Coleman's Academy that empowers and educates women in her industry, addressing issues from misogyny to mental health and career progression to creative inspiration. Resources mentioned: 'The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles' Book by Steven Pressfield I will post the painting I talk about on instagram! The affirmation Paige references: I reserve the right to suck sometimes. You reserve the right to make accidentals and well intentioned mistakes. I reserve the right to make bad art. I reserve the right to do your best even if someone else is already doing it better because love does not depend on achievement or success. I am worthy of affection even if I fail and especially when I fail So go. Go let yourself make a beautiful mistake right now God speed Instagram: @hanjanran & @paigeaubort & @colemansacademy Facebook: thehanjanranshow & Coleman'sAcademy Twitter: @hanjanran  #thehanjanranshow The 3 regular favours: 1. Subscribe to the podcast! Rate & Review! 🙂 2. Come find me on instagram @hanjanran and GET IN TOUCH! Let's make this a dialogue. 3. Share the episode on your socials and send the show to a friend!
  1. 007: Paige Aubort carved out space for women in a male dominated industry to empower and educate
  2. 006: Call Me Loop reveals how to balance business acumen with creativity plus the inside scoop on being a pop star!
  3. 005: Tiwalola Ogunlesi encourages you to join the Self-Love Revolution and will leave you ready to be Confident and Killing It
  4. 004: Ciaran Thapar, youth worker and writer, explains the difference between knowing and feeling injustice and inequality
  5. 003: Zarah Garbrah discusses her natural hair movement, visibility, representation and creativity (plus some real honesty and a whole lot of joy)

The Han Jan Ran Show launching this May!


My new podcast, The Han Jan Ran Show is launching this month. We will be deep diving into the difference between a desire and calling and how to harness the two to achieve your potential and purpose. The focus is to celebrate audacity and boundary breaking, whistleblowers and change drivers and to inspire people to move from a place of Love rather than a place of Fear.

Stay tuned to find out when the first two episodes will air!