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019: Robyn Hyacinth explains social justice from her lens as a human rights lawyer The Han Jan Ran Show: The Audacious Podcast

Robyn is someone who I deeply admire and feel oh so fortunate to call my friend. I never leave a conversation with Robyn feeling anything less than enthusiastic and inspired. There is something about Robyn that makes her extremely accepting of all the facets of a person and simultaneously expects the best from them (me) – it is pretty incredible. She applies this vibe to everything she does including the way she navigates her job as a human rights lawyer. I’m in constant awe and to pick her brain about what her journey took to become a h-r lawyer was very cool. We went on to discuss intersectionalism, the pitfalls of titillating entertainment and using our values to direct us and how we navigate the world, politically and more personally. Epic stuff.  Check us out on Instagram: @hanjanran @robynhyacinth Subscribe to the podcast, rate & review! (it helps more people find it) Share the episode on your socials and send the show to a friend (helps with both aforementioned points!) 🙂
  1. 019: Robyn Hyacinth explains social justice from her lens as a human rights lawyer
  2. 018: The Echo Chamber redefine success, talk side hustles and identity
  3. 017: Tash Crosby, founder of Talk Peach, a gynaecological cancer charity, shares her experience with the diagnosis
  4. 016: Alphamama, an artist, paves the way for acceptance and radical self-love
  5. 015: Alexis Hill shares her experiences with death, after-life and spirituality

The Han Jan Ran Show launching this May!


My new podcast, The Han Jan Ran Show is launching this month. We will be deep diving into the difference between a desire and calling and how to harness the two to achieve your potential and purpose. The focus is to celebrate audacity and boundary breaking, whistleblowers and change drivers and to inspire people to move from a place of Love rather than a place of Fear.

Stay tuned to find out when the first two episodes will air!