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020: Evelyn Willing and Hannah Rankine take on female friendship The Han Jan Ran Show: The Audacious Podcast

**THIS IS THE TWENTIETH EPISODE AND THE  LAST EPISODE OF SEASON ONE** For the twentieth episode it seems only fitting to have a conversation full of warmth and personal experiences. This week the wonderfully articulate Evelyn Willing and I discuss the complexities and the magnificence of female friendship. Follow me on instagram @hanjanran, check out Evelyn at @_evelynwilling Please do make sure you have hit subscribe on whatever platform you listen to your podcast on so you don't miss the launch of season 2!  If you haven't yet, please do rate and review the show as well – it means so much. I have loved every moment of season 1! I hope you have too. Until next time! 
  1. 020: Evelyn Willing and Hannah Rankine take on female friendship
  2. 019: Robyn Hyacinth explains social justice from her lens as a human rights lawyer
  3. 018: The Echo Chamber redefine success, talk side hustles and identity
  4. 017: Tash Crosby, founder of Talk Peach, a gynaecological cancer charity, shares her experience with the diagnosis
  5. 016: Alphamama, an artist, paves the way for acceptance and radical self-love

The Han Jan Ran Show launching this May!


My new podcast, The Han Jan Ran Show is launching this month. We will be deep diving into the difference between a desire and calling and how to harness the two to achieve your potential and purpose. The focus is to celebrate audacity and boundary breaking, whistleblowers and change drivers and to inspire people to move from a place of Love rather than a place of Fear.

Stay tuned to find out when the first two episodes will air!