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001: Introducing the show and Hannah & discuss desires, callings, audacity and courage The Han Jan Ran Show

Welcome to the first episode of The Han Jan Ran Show. This is the audacious podcast by Hannah Jane Rankine. In this episode Hannah will give you some more information about the premise of the podcast and tell you a little bit about herself and her journey. We get straight into it by discussing topics such as desires and callings and some moments in Hannah's life that called on her to be audacious and courageous. For the rest of the season she'll be talking to the most awe inspiring selection of people; we’ve got world famous animal rights activists, mental health advocates, artists, people talking about confidence, grief, chronic illness and even a real life pop star! Will you do three things for us? 1. Subscribe to the podcast! Rate! Review! 🙂 2. Come find Hannah on instagram and twitter @hanjanran and GET IN TOUCH! Make this a dialogue. Write to Hannah, DM her, Holla at ya girl! 3. Send the show to a friend, just 1 buddy that might enjoy this conversation – the more the merrier! Episode 2 is out today as well, where I interview Lucy Watson. Check it out.  Instagram: @hanjanran Facebook: thehanjanranshow Twitter: @hanjanran #thehanjanranshow
  1. 001: Introducing the show and Hannah & discuss desires, callings, audacity and courage
  2. 002: Lucy Watson shares how she maintains ethics and business
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The Han Jan Ran Show launching this May!


My new podcast, The Han Jan Ran Show is launching this month. We will be deep diving into the difference between a desire and calling and how to harness the two to achieve your potential and purpose. The focus is to celebrate audacity and boundary breaking, whistleblowers and change drivers and to inspire people to move from a place of Love rather than a place of Fear.

Stay tuned to find out when the first two episodes will air!